Holy Resurrection Orthodox Church
Potomac, Maryland
American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese
website sponsors 2017

Thank you to the Sponsors of our Website for 2017 

May God bless them for their kindness and generosity!

Many Years!!  Mnohaja L'ita!!


January: Pani Jean Hutnyan: in memory of +Protopresbyter Andrew Hutnyan

February:  Diane Rowalnd: in memory of +Peter Sedlar

March:  Yuliya Golovchenko:  in memory of +Nina, +Elvina and +Vladimir

April: The Smith Family

May:  Irene Dzubak:  in memory of +Bill Dzubak

June: Yuliya Golovchenko:  in memory of +Evgenia, +Georgiy & +Klavdia

July:  The Smith Family

August:  Diane Rowland in memory of +Harry and +Helen Rowland

September:  Fr Peter & Pani Bernadette:  in thanks to God for many blessings

October & December:  The Davis Family:  in memory of those fallen asleep in the 

           Phillips, Davis, Coffee, Bitners, Broadwaters, Payton & Gramsky Families

November:  The Lavender Family:  in memory of +Joseph Markow &

            +Frank Dougherty